The State of BioDiesel

December 2, 2008 | 1 Comment

Today’s near $50 crude oil is wreaking havoc on some if not all alternatives. Biodiesel is no exception even if retail diesel is still way higher than gasoline. One example is Pensacola Florida-based Agri-Source Fuels who turns rendered chicken fat – the castoff of poultry processors across the Southeast – into near middle distillate that […]

We might want to know what this is, its going to affect your electricity rates. Ultra supercritical (USC) steam generation is a derivation on the definitions of the temperature and pressure at which water vapor and liquid water are indistinguishable, aka the “Critical Point.” At that critical point of water some 705 degrees F/3208 psi, […]

The USDA’s Agricultural Research Service’s (ARS) national program on Agricultural System Competitiveness and Sustainability scientists are combining economic and natural-resources analyses with data drawn from a national network of field experiments that are being used in models developed by ARS and the USDA Economic Research Service. The research is making it easier to understand the […]

Stupid is as stupid does. Last week saw some states attorneys’ generals file suit to compel the EPA to regulate CO2. So . . . a judge is going to decide that, what one responsible or credible person could say what might be the CO2 policy – but can not for lack of any reasonable […]

Mitsui Chemical Inc. of Japan has decided to begin construction of a pilot plant for continued development of producing methanol from industrial CO2 effluent and photocatalyst produced hydrogen. Due to build starting in October of 2008 with completion next February the plant is expected to go into use in March of 2010, the plant’s annual […]

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