Researchers from KU Leuven and Utrecht University have discovered a new approach to the production of diesel fuel. The new method would be used to produce much cleaner diesel and can quickly be scaled up for industrial use. The researchers suggest that in 5 to 10 years, we may see the first cars driven by […]

Using biodiesel as well as regular diesel in a fuel cell is for many an incredible idea. The Research Council of Norway’s RENERGI program Technical Director Dag Øvrebø is developing a new type of electric power supply unit with core components of a smart diesel reformer and a tolerant fuel cell. The system is environmentally […]

On Thursday October 30th the API’s Jane Van Ryan hosted another blogger conference call. Audio links are at the bottom of the page. Click here for the pdf. I led off the questions asking why diesel isn’t following gasoline down in price. It is but only in part and much more slowly. The answer offered […]

The American Petroleum Institute had me out for a tour of the premier oil refinery in the U.S. Located out or up in Billings Montana, depending on where you are, this refinery is in a truly beautiful and picturesque location smack in the middle of a mid sized city. It’s an easy walk from the […]

The German magazine Spiegel let slip a bit of information Tuesday. From Al Fin’s site and post titled “The Future of BioEnergy I: Biomass to Liquid” I started a little due diligence, as Spiegel has been “had” a few times over the years. It came as no surprise to read that the Spiegel article’s Company […]

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