Lithium air or more technically, lithium-oxygen batteries have two challenging issues surrounding lithium-oxygen batteries that chemists from the University of Waterloo have successfully resolved. The research result is creating a working battery with near 100 percent coulombic efficiency. The new work, which appeared this week in Science, proves that four-electron conversion for lithium-oxygen electrochemistry is […]

Open Image…Save ImageOpen Image (using #TmpD/ia)… State University of New York, Binghamton researchers report a new type of battery made of paper and fueled by bacteria. The new technology may overcome challenges in remote areas of the world where health care workers often lack electricity to power diagnostic devices, and commercial batteries may be too expensive. This market segment plus […]

Open Image…Save ImageOpen Image (using #TmpD/ia)… University of Michigan researchers assert their new lithium metal technology could double the output of today’s lithium ion cells, drastically extending electric vehicle ranges and time between cell phone charges without taking up any added space. Note as you read along this technology is using the earlier lithium metal technology that predates the current […]

Open Image…Save ImageOpen Image (using #TmpD/ia)… Binghamton University researchers have created a biodegradable, paper-based battery that is more efficient than previously possible. It may be that batteries of the future may be made out of paper. The idea is a stretch, but for years there has been excitement in the scientific community about the possibility of paper-based batteries as an […]

Tokyo Institute of Technology scientists have addressed one of the major disadvantages of all-solid-state batteries by developing batteries with a low resistance at their electrode/solid electrolyte interface. The fabricated batteries showed excellent electrochemical properties that greatly surpass those of traditional and ubiquitous Li-ion batteries; thereby, demonstrating the promise of all-solid-state battery technology and its potential […]

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