Driven by the vision of our society one day being basically self-propelled, a team of University of Houston scientists has set out to both amplify and provoke that potential in materials known as piezoelectrics, which naturally produce electricity when literally subjected to strain. Engineers at Leeds in the U.K. are developing a way to capture […]

The conventional idea is the oil and gas that fuels our homes and cars started out as living organisms that died, were compressed, and heated under heavy layers of sediments in the Earth’s crust.  It’s a sound idea that can be replicated and observed.  The new idea, which has a been around for decades particularly […]

Sometimes you have to love the big corporation, not often, but sometimes there are breakthroughs. ExxonMobil’s Randy Tolman, the company’s project coordinator for the Piceance Basin has invented a new method of fracturing, or “fracing,” the underground layers of rock and sand to unlock natural gas.  ExxonMobil aims to export the new process to the […]

Monday saw Joule Biotechnologies, based in Cambridge, Mass., introduce their new “Helioculture” process.  Helioculture seems very similar to approaches that make biofuels using algae, although the company says it is not using algae. The company’s microorganisms are grown inside transparent reactors, where they’re circulated to ensure that they all get exposed to sunlight, and they […]

Whether you harbor a” cap and trade” or the “cap and tax” label for the carbon targeted by the activists in control now of governments, uncertainty is the prime result.  That uncertainty is followed, if not mixed, with a great deal of mistrust.  It’s not lost on those with lifetimes of work and investment in […]

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