Vincent A. Fischetti, head of the Laboratory of Bacterial Pathogenesis and Immunology at Rockefeller University and his colleague Assaf Raz a graduate student in the lab, have used a new technique to look specifically at a well-known enzyme called sortase A and its distribution inside the cell. Bacteria are close cousins to algae both with […]

In 1991 Wolfgang Feist (German Wikipedia Link) a physicist from Darmstadt Germany built the first passive heated home. Now the estimate is that 15,000 homes across Germany and Scandinavia have been built with the innovations Feist pioneered. What’s different in a passive homes is ultrathick insulation very sophisticated doors and windows in an airtight design. […]

Ali Vanderveld, a post-doctoral cosmologist at the Jet Propulsion Lab and her colleagues recently published a paper in the journal Physical Review looking at how giant holes in our “Swiss-cheese-like” universe might make space look as if it’s accelerating when it’s really not. Whew, I have been waiting for something to make more sense than […]

The Argonne National Laboratory, a Chicago-based developer of new battery technologies announced that it has formed an alliance with fourteen U.S. companies to manufacture lithium ion batteries for automobiles. Developing the capability to mass manufacture advanced battery cells is expected to require investment of one to two billion dollars over the coming five years, it […]

Back in 1995 Charles Munger, friend, attorney and partner of Warren Buffet spoke to an audience at Harvard Law School. While Buffet is often seen as the “Oracle Of Omaha” and other folksy labels by no means has Mr. Buffet succeeded alone. Mr. Munger is a very long term friend, partner and has experienced much […]

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