A steady stream of email arrives asking for an update on Cold Fusion or more appropriately LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction).  Lets start by noticing the relative silence from the academic community who has had a light dose of re-ignited enthusiasm on cold fusion work like a tide across the Internet.  One can easily see […]

The Wiz Folks at MIT have a new design to take heat and make electricity.  Using a new nanofabrication technique, MIT’s researchers make plates of tungsten with billions of regularly spaced, uniform nanoscale holes on the surfaces. Using a further development of the thermophotovoltaic system, the new type of photonic crystal serves as a thermal […]

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM in Freiburg and their partners in the RemBob project are working on coating plowshares with diamond-like carbon (DLC) to reduce friction.  When it comes to moving earth, a significant amount of energy is used in food production, fuel production and construction. Less friction equals less […]

An award-winning University of Wisconsin-Madison team led by professor Rolf Reitz will showcase at the Wisconsin State Fair a student hybrid vehicle for advanced fuel technology that harnesses the advantages of both diesel and gasoline.  The fuels are mixed in the combustion process. Now this is something serious to watch.  The UW-Madison Hybrid Vehicle Team […]

Previous attempts at making 3-D photonic crystals have resulted in devices that are only optically active, which means they can direct light but are not electronically active, so they can’t turn electricity to light or vice versa.  It’s been a tantalizing problem.  Getting to electric crystals could offer new or extremely efficient energy devices. University […]

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