PhD student Tianbo Yu at Risø DTU in Denmark has discovered a new phenomenon that will make nanometals more useful in wider use while working at the Materials Research Division at Risø.  Yu has taken the research a step further in discovering the new phenomenon. The new discovery could speed up the practical application of […]

The wide-ranging Al Fin hit upon a graph that will stun the peak oil believers.  You’ll want to save this.  The flip side is it comes from the International Energy Agency (IEA) – a point that many will use to cast justifiable suspicion.  Yet absolute accuracy isn’t needed, the blocks paint a picture of a […]

The quiet underside of rooftop solar now has some story to tell with hard research numbers in hand. Jan Kleissl, a professor of environmental engineering at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering leading a team of researchers can show roof mounted solar panels aren’t just providing clean power; they are cooling your house, […]

Last week your humble writer was awoken by a dream of the Federal Debt Limit being increased and the dollar value crashing.  Dreams are inexact things that might portend the future – perhaps they are early warnings systems of the unconscious or subconscious.  Dreams are surely nothing to do with energy and fuel, and nothing […]

TU Delft student of Sustainable Energy Technology Stefan Roest has developed a new type of hybrid solar collector with a higher efficiency and a longer lifespan than the hybrid panels on sale today. A hybrid solar panel combines a photovoltaic solar cell that converts sunlight into electricity with a thermal solar collector to harvest infrared […]

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