In 2004 when the Los Alamos National Laboratory first measured an unusual effect of a photon impacting a silicon solar cell and releasing more than one electron the effect has been a item of great basic research curiosity. Normally a photon coming into a cell will cut loose an electron, and over a complete solar […]

The batteries are good enough – at least A123 Systems has batteries that will make the cut and there are likely more to come. A123 Systems is shipping their lithium based technology to Black and Decker for their professional line of power tools. These tools are said to be even more powerful than corded tools […]

Green Star Products has announced they have tested and confirmed through a consortium partner that a micronutrient formula has improved the Green Star algae strain daily growth by 34%. They report further claim a 100% increase the total biomass in a harvest of an algae growth cycle by more than 100%. What is not said […]

Tomorrow will see the stockholders at the Exxon Mobil shareholder’s meeting act on a measure that might become a step to bringing Exxon Mobil a step closer to becoming involved in alternative energy. The shareholders are working to separate the chairman and chief executive officer jobs from two positions filled by one executive as the […]

Memorial day like most holidays is now a long weekend rather than a date on the calendar. That small change, a boon to the irreverent and well, all of us – does tend to diminish the point. Lives have been lost, lifetimes changed from injuries and illnesses both from the determination to face those who […]

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