First up is the sizzling Bionavitas “Light Rod” idea called Light Immersion Technology that looks like a giant tapered optical fiber that places light at depth into algae cultures. Ingenious as ideas go, with a near stunning amount of coverage on Wednesday the idea might get some financial and research legs. What has been left […]

A UK team that started with the University of Newcastle added the Universities of Cambridge and Manchester to an effort to design and engineer an idea of making a single catalyst for processing raw vegetable oils into diesel fuel. News this week has it that BP Plc will add its support to the research. Plant […]

First up is the most familiar name, Coskata. A couple months ago the company had expected to close on a deal to build a 100 million gallon annual plant using sugar cane bagasse. The deal is yet to finalize, which comes as no surprise today. The technology is gasification of the bagasse, or the cellulose […]

Exhaling Hydrogen

February 24, 2009 | 4 Comments

Hydrogen is easily the most desired substance for chemistry and fuel making. Matched up with carbon from single carbon molecules up to sixteen or so plus hydrogen makes hydrogen carbon molecules the densest, richest, easiest to handle, lowest cost and familiar fuel products. The engines to use them are at hand and efficiency is the […]

With small toe dips, some near foot submergence now comes a commitment of sorts from British oil major BP Plc who became the latest oil company getting into biofuels by taking major a stake in ethanol production when it extended an agreement with Verenium Corp. to build a cellulosic ethanol plant in Highlands County in […]

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