EEStor, the now famed ultracapacitor maker of the future is one step closer to having a product coming to market.  Last week saw information escape that EEStor has contracted with Polarity of Rancho Cordova, California to design and specify the construction details of the ultracapacitor’s power converter.  A power converter would ideally provide a combined […]

The leftists must be furious; Hillary Clinton has issued the Presidential Permit on August 20, 2009 that Enbridge needs to ship Canadian oil sand’s upgraded crude into the U.S.  With a war under way over public perceptions packed with dis and misinformation swirling about, this news must stick in the shouting throats.  This writer is […]

Western Troy Capital Resources Inc. (TSX VENTURE:WRY, “Western Troy”) announced August 17th 2009 that it plans to form a wholly owned private corporation to provide small nuclear reactor electric power generating stations for installation in remote locations in Canada and other markets. That likely excludes the U.S.  American’s are very unlikely to benefit from the […]

Never count out the leaders in real world technology.  For readers familiar with auto racing the name Ilmor Engineering will sound a claxon. Ilmor is a creature of some sort of partnership with legend Roger Penske as a co-owner and surely a managing role of some kind. Honda, of motorcycle and auto fame is the […]

I usually pass on studies that are sourced specifically by an industry to make their point, seeking rather to use academic works.  Also on the miss list are those dumbfounding government projections.  But the American Petroleum Institute, granted the central megaphone for independent big oil, has a better than average record, particularly when the work […]

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