George Washington University Professor Stuart Licht has developed a revolutionary carbon dioxide-free method of producing iron that could provide a breakthrough for an industry that has been using the same polluting process of iron smelting for more than three thousand years. Using renewable solar energy and a process of solar conversion the now patented process […]

The horizontal drilling and fracturing techniques that press’s favorite devil Halliburton pioneered to trigger the natural gas boom are the same technologies spurring a Canadian and U.S. oil drilling boom. The impact of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing are migrating around the world, stabilizing and lowering not only North American gas prices but also international […]

That headline is accurate if a little bewildering.  Splitting water to get hydrogen isn’t hard to do, it can be quite simple, and a little lab experiment on the table will do.  But doing it the simple way gets you the combined hydrogen and oxygen gases in one mixture called Oxyhydrogen or Brown’s gas – […]

Xtreme Power has announced last week the most significant transmission station in the U.S. electric grid to date will use its PowerCell energy storage and Dynamic Power Resources energy management system. The proposed transmission station called the Tres Amigas SuperStation would allow power to be transmitted as needed among the three independently operating U.S. electricity […]

Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters scientists propose that inspiration using the layout of the lung improves the energy efficiency and saves the catalyst material of a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell. The group calculated results for a single cell in a stack that shows the amount of catalyst could be reduced by a […]

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