Marianne Lavelle has written a very good overview in USNews titled “Power Revolution” that gives a look at the investments and some results of what Vinod Khosla and others have accomplished in finding and developing new energy and fuel sources. Khosla is pretty well known as an innovator and investor in new forms of energy […]

I might as well go first, or beat another blogger to the punch. The new mafia in America isn’t what you would think. But wait – there is a bit of looking at what people do and not what they say that matters. You might recall a theme in the series of movies the “Godfather,” […]

Dr. Greg Naterer of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology is describing another new way to get hydrogen for fuel. Interviewed by Izabela Jaroszynski at Dr. Naterer talks about the idea to use the “spent” energy from nuclear reactions to mass-produce hydrogen in a sustainable and efficient way. Just what is meant by […]

First up is Geoffrey Stiles blog on Tuesday October 23, 2007.  Now Mr. Styles is one of the sharpest analysts and top communicators in the field and usually his posts run parallel to our points or sail way over.  But not this one.  Here Mr. Styles looks into the problems of fuel cell vehicles and […]

He’s Johnathan Goodwin of Wichita Kansas, famous for building the ’65 Chevy Impala running on biodiesel that creamed the Lamborghini in a drag race for the MTV show “Pimp My Ride.” He just shows what a talented man with a passion can accomplish in America.  Starting out he fixed up cars to help his mother […]

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