First up is Geoffrey Stiles blog on Tuesday October 23, 2007.  Now Mr. Styles is one of the sharpest analysts and top communicators in the field and usually his posts run parallel to our points or sail way over.  But not this one.  Here Mr. Styles looks into the problems of fuel cell vehicles and the distribution of the hydrogen.  He is insightful through to the marketing of the cars and what it might take to get one marketable.  He also raises some questions as to whether we would want them anyway.

Next is a news release that caught me off guard.  I knew that Alaska had batteries for grid backup in emergencies but hadn’t expected Ohio’s American Electric Power to be installing them.  They are, and it’s for blackouts and might be used to make renewables more economically viable.  They’re using sodium sulfur batteries from Japan.  The article isn’t long and covers the big details with a photo.  See: Fixing the Grid.

This ones been sittin’ for two weeks as I’ve worried that somethin’ might happen.  It’s a report on the Tennessee oil discovery with the blow out well some years back that sent the regulators into a fury and stopped the exploration until this month.  What is so stimulating is that the well that blew out was producing on a level comparable to a Mid East top producing well.  Or, this kind of thing hasn’t been seen in the US in decades.  It’s a thrill and I dread a disappointment on top of all the waiting!  See 321Energy Montello Resources: The blowout Well.

After last weeks nail biters I would be remiss not to put something in that is a little on the downer side.  Well, I didn’t find anything credible.  But I did find something a little humorous instead.  It seems that human nature being what it is some in the organic solar cell community are chastising for “unrealistic and scientifically questionable results.”  I thought those were rather harsh words, but they’re in the description.  The text is more kind and I found it a little comical with reports of “outbidding phenomena.”   But this segment is in the midst of a dramatic run up and successes in research and a little competition and spirit is a good thing.  My congratulations to the authors for a little chastisement and a big GO GET ‘EM to the researchers.  Put up the proof when you’re ready.  See: Science Daily – Experts – Organic Solar Cells.


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