The past few years have seen the U.S. State of California come up short on electrical power generation. Not a huge, but a seriously annoying and disruptive set of events. More illustrative might be the events currently going on in South Africa. While rich in hard minerals like gold, palladium, platinum, coal, diamonds and others […]

Hymotion, a division of A123Systems has announced the availability of a high capacity battery called the L5 Conversion Module for the Toyota Prius that will ship to customers in July of 2008. At $10,395 delivered and installed, it’s a lot of money, equal to 2772 gallons of $3.75 gasoline. With only three years of warranty […]

The post here this past Friday makes the main point that electrification over fueling needs to be the long-term policy for a successful economy. For Americans, where this blog is written and the inputs of knowledge, wisdom and the suspicions of many converge, there remains from some people a concern that America has lost its […]

Emails and conversations reveal the need for people to have worthy information to base their opinions on. Today we’re not going to get into details or particular technologies but for new visitors we’ll cover the largest scale circumstances and for the regular readers a review more concise than going through dozens of prior posts. The […]

  A new bacterium, a cyanobacterium that is energized by sunlight and excretes the sugars glucose and sucrose with some cellulose has been created by Dr. R. Malcolm Brown and Dr. David Nobles at the University of Texas at Austin. The life of the bacteria based in the production of cellulose and the sugars could […]

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