Canadian and Japanese researchers have managed to efficiently produce a constant stream of natural gas from ice-like methane gas hydrates from a remote drilling rig high in the Mackenzie River Delta on Richards Island in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Called the Mallik drilling program, for the first time, Canadian and Japanese researchers have managed […]

The weekend saw the local Oregon press let loose with the news that the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries has issued three geothermal drilling permits so far in 2008 with another application in processing. These are the first geothermal permits seen in more than 10 years. Bob Houston, Oregon State Geologist says, “(these) […]

Last Tuesday Ford Motors of the U.S. and the U.K. company Tanfield Group’s division Smith Electric announced the coming sales of the Ford chassis “Transit Connect” with a full electric drive train equipped with Smith’s newest version of iron phosphate lithium ion batteries. At double the capacity and 35% lighter than lead acid, the batteries […]

The German magazine Spiegel let slip a bit of information Tuesday. From Al Fin’s site and post titled “The Future of BioEnergy I: Biomass to Liquid” I started a little due diligence, as Spiegel has been “had” a few times over the years. It came as no surprise to read that the Spiegel article’s Company […]

Shale gas is usually one of the best forms of natural gas. Richer in methane than many natural gas sources that have more ethane and propane it’s a desirable fuel. The reason its making news in petroleum circles is that the past few years have seen prices high enough to push the technology for the […]

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