University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researcher Agricultural Engineer Esha Khullar has found with close study that alternative ethanol production processes can produce more accessible products with better quality, a 20% boost in ethanol production plus saving waste and better efficiency. The choices for ethanol producers for profiting and answering product demands can be broader and […]

The U.S. oil refinery business is up against the wall for profiting, coping with oil prices and the economic atmosphere.  Regulatory issues raised by every government from local to federal have imposed requirements, compliance, and regulations across the full imaginable board – each with increased costs and inefficiencies.  It’s a miracle there’s any gasoline or […]

With a little fanfare Caterpillar announced last week they’re shipping a diesel engine driven generation set to electric motor hybrid drive bulldozer.  The D7E model is in the upper midsize range with the Cat C9.3 ACERT(TM) diesel engine rated at 235 net horsepower (175 kW) driving a powerful electrical generator that produces AC (alternating current).  […]

While lots of folks don’t watch or read Wired Magazine, lots of young people do.  Wired runs to the younger set, which is getting older, and more of a voice as the last election made clear. Once riled up, the count and solidity of the demographic is impressive. Richard Martin of Wired wrote ‘Uranium Is […]

A Merry Christmas to You

December 25, 2009 | 3 Comments

A Merry Christmas to You Let’s just kick political correctness into the weeds today.  No energy no fuels.  Rather a little energy for the soul. Let it be a Merry Christmas for you and your loved ones.  No matter what subscription to religious belief you might have, Christmas is a holiday that can be shared […]

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