To start, lets get the digital quantum battery misnomer out of the way.  What’s being discussed here and other places isn’t about battery building; it’s about a theoretical construction of a nano-sized capacitor.  It’s interesting as the storage medium isn’t like a conventional capacitor with the material between the anode and cathode holding the energy.  […]

With some minor trepidation cold fusion is in the headline.  The words still evoke some pained feelings, but the objective minds haven’t waited, the research has plowed on.  Brian Wang at his NextBigFuture site caught the release of the information made available from the 15th International Conferences on Cold Fusion (ICCF) held in Rome this […]

Oil is abundant again; some reports have it that OPEC alone has 6 million barrels a day of spare unused oil capacity.  Iraq, which has some sort of exemption to sell all it can, and Venezuela, which is selling on the cheat are pushing the price lower along with the U.S. Federal Reserve expressing some […]

The University of Wisconsin hosted the 11th US-Japan Workshop on Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion on October 12th and 13th in Madison Wisconsin. Over the two days some 28 presenters covered the activities, progress and plans spread over the eight U.S., Japanese and Australian leading Inertial Electrostatic Fusion (IEC) research universities.  Plus Los Alamos National Lab […]

A Hybrid Airship

December 18, 2009 | 6 Comments

Is it a plane, a blimp or a dirigible from out of the past?  No, it’s a hybrid airship, part dirigible, and part airplane.  Built by co-founders Bob Rist and Brian Martin of Ohio Airship outside of Toledo, Ohio with the help of folks laid of at Cessna and Jeep the hybrid offers some truly […]

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