Atraveda is providing the material for Glamorgan University’s research and development facility to test a “bi-polar” lead acid battery design. The news of the collaboration to produce the world’s first commercially viable bi-polar lead-acid battery was announced at the opening of the UK’s first Advanced Bi-polar Battery Development research facility. The UK is certainly in […]

There is a lot of natural gas out there in the ground and stored away in methane hydrates. Today we’ll look into the land based new production skills that are releasing a lot of natural gas that used to be uneconomic as it is locked into rock that is so low in porosity that it […]

Ethanol as a fuel supplement (could be additive, but not accurate in practice) could be redeemed by the research and development done by D.R. Cohn, L Bromberg and the estimable J.B. Heywood at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Rather than mandate as in the command from government to add 10% ethanol to every gallon of […]

You’ve already voted for Congresspersons and the pig is over the pit now. The issues are numerous, related, unrelated and bewildering fraught with unknown costs and changes. It’s called ‘Cap-and-Trade,’ the Congress’s idea of solving global warming hysteria with an energy revolution. I can’t remember a bigger more diffused economic disaster show in memory. This […]

Christopher Voigt at the University of California is genetically ‘hacking’ into the brewers yeast of ethanol fame to modify the yeast so its output isn’t ethanol but a methyl halide. The methyl halide switches over to a bio gasoline with a simple catalytic reaction. This is not a simple problem. Voigt is targeting to use […]

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