Hey, getting away from the calories and that bloated feeling? Need a little insight, satire and hope for the days to come with a bit of reversed viewing to get a little perspective on all of this? Well, the Dow Industrials is about a 1000 points over the recent daily lows, mortgage rates fell nearly […]

The Weekend Link List

December 7, 2007 | 2 Comments

Lets start with Al Fin and his post of December 7, 2007 “Understanding Solar Wind.” Al discusses and quotes about data derived from the Japanese satellite Hinode. The satellite was launched to look at the basic mechanisms of solar structure and the wind of particles that the sun expels at a varying rates. While most […]

First up is milestone news from Hawaii. The Kaheawa Wind Power project has 6 windmills operating that generate an average of 9% of the Hawaiian Island Maui’s power. With 14 more to go, the total average power should get to 17%. Reported by National Wind Watch on November 28th, the article covers the power, environmental […]

The list is getting much more traffic with each passing week. New folks can look over to the Categories in The Weekend Link Lists for the back reports. First up is a site that reports on the anhydrous ammonia for fuel group’s meeting. Now before you go all “Huh? How can that be?” here are […]

The Weekend Link List

November 16, 2007 | 1 Comment

Yesterday we discussed James Hunt and the background on the hydrogen generator system his company is developing. So this release at Penn State with a microbial electrolysis cell system that’s yielding either 1:1.44 or 1:2.88 depending on what the writer meant is a confirmation of sorts and now there is a biological solution, too. Even […]

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