From the power plant to the computer you’re using the electricity is coming as alternating current (AC) – electrons going back and forth at either 50 or 60 reversals per second.  It’s the best way today to move electricity over long distances.  Almost all generation is done with an alternating generator, so right up to […]

Trend Tracker, an automotive research company based in Wiltshire, England says car manufacturers’ expensive scramble to produce electric cars with limited ability would be better spent on long-term research to produce electric cars good enough to compete with regular ones. The key in that is compete – after the early adopters are sold, the rest […]

There is a huge reserve of natural gas already discovered, waiting for use and distributed worldwide.  The reserves are simply natural gas that is naturally formed with other gases, mostly CO2, in high enough proportion that the natural gas isn’t economically useful. How much natural gas is up for conjecture.  Contaminated gas reserves haven’t been […]

Dale Klein, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Texas, currently serving as a U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Commissioner and former NRC Chairman pointed out again this week the U.S. has an extremely valuable resource in used nuclear fuel. Klein made his remarks Sunday morning at the American Association for the […]

Biofuels Digest ran a long article last week covering most if not all the leaders in algae to fuel production.  The lead for the article is the government of Mexico has announced it will support project work to yield 1% of the country’s jet fuel by 2015.  OriginOil is the first to sign up. Origin’s […]

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