Here we often discuss hydrogen connected to carbon in forms from methane and methanol up to propane and butanol as ways to substitute using gasoline. All of the fuels from single carbon atom methane and up that can be sourced from anything other than oil imports are good ideas. The issue then becomes a steady […]

Its been 19 years since the Fleischmann-Pons Effect (FPE) burst out in a flurry of too much information that was poorly understood, explained and tested. That and the media storm and behaviors that people sometimes use under pressure led to the mainstream throwing out the science with the bad feelings. But, the spark triggered the […]

One (the) big worry in nuclear power from fission processes is the creation of very heavy atoms, those more heavy than the uranium used for fuel – such as curium and actinium. The group is called “actinides,” the heavy elements that can take millions of years to get through half-lives to less radioactive states. The […]

Whether one is dreaming of a hydrogen economy or looking for hydrogen to support carbon fuel production and carbon recycling the news out of the Idaho National Laboratory is the good stuff. Reversing the technology of a hydrogen fuel cell where the hydrogen and oxygen combine to make electricity the INL group uses the electricity […]

The New Gasoline

September 24, 2008 | 9 Comments

Competition might be a problem: This is the same fuel we’re currently using, just from a different source. It’s not something that burns like it—it is it. —James Dumesic The breakthrough is a process developed by both Dumesic at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and Randy Cortright of Virent Energy Systems, called aqueous phase […]

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