The House of Representatives has their “Comprehensive American Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act” out to the Senate and it can’t be more inaccurately named. I suppose when you make law running a fraud isn’t possible. But the press and media have dutifully followed along as if the bill will be good for people. It’s […]

Plug in hybrids and an ever-increasing growth in electrical appliances plus the worldwide growth of increased incomes is pushing electrical demand just faster than supply can answer. Solar photovoltaic offers a high capital cost but low operating cost answers. But capital costs are projected to come down with more supply of silicon and the thin […]

Carbon laid out in a one-atom thick layer making a structure called “graphene” is being lab tested as an ultracapacitor by mechanical engineering professor Rod Ruoff at the University of Texas at Austin. Ruoff says, “Through such a device, electrical charge can be rapidly stored on the graphene sheets, and released from them as well […]

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy run the “Energy Star” program to award the labels that lead consumers to think one product is more efficient than another. They set standards, lay out the testing procedures and then manufacturers run self-done tests and sell based on their results. There isn’t any third party […]

Raser Technologies, a publicly traded (NYSE Arca: RZ) Utah company involved in low temperature geothermal installations and alternating current electric motors is back in the press release business. With a stock price of about $5.50 ranging from $4 to over $18 in the past year the company has the volatility to be interesting. Barely a […]

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