Rice University chemist James Tour led his researchers to successfully growing forests of carbon nanotubes that rise quickly from sheets of graphene to astonishing lengths of up to 120 microns forming a single surface with three dimensions. The seamless graphene/nanotube hybrid creation may be the best electrode interface material possible for many energy storage and […]

A team of Michigan State University researchers have developed a new thermoelectric material based on natural minerals known as tetrahedrites, the most widespread sulfosalts on Earth. So where are these tetrahedrites?  They’re found pretty much anywhere there is dirt, common ordinary dirt. The researchers, led by Donald Morelli, a professor of chemical engineering and materials […]

Ju Li, an MIT is a professor and corresponding author of a paper proposing a “solar energy funnel” that takes advantage of materials under elastic strain. The MIT idea tries to answer a quest to harness a broader spectrum of sunlight’s energy to produce electricity.  Li said, “We’re trying to use elastic strains to produce […]

Houston is home to SURGE Accelerator, an incubation and mentorship program for startups in the energy software space.  At a year and a half old SURGE can provide the accepted startup company with $30,000 in seed funding, free office space, and access to dozens of mentors in Houston’s vibrant energy sector in exchange for a […]

A Norwegian company led by Alf Bjørseth will start burning thorium fuel in a conventional test reactor owned by Norway’s government with help from U.S.-based nuclear giant Westinghouse. Bjørseth is now running his private company Scatec AS, and establishing new companies within Scatec based on the latest technologies in the areas of renewable energy and […]

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