John O. Dabiri at the California Institute of Technology’s Graduate Aeronautical Laboratories & Bioengineering makes the assertion that an order of magnitude increase in the energy harvest can be made with wind turbine density increases and wind turbine design.  The full paper is available at > physics > arXiv:10103656. (Direct pdf download link here.) […]

Duke Pratt School of Engineering scientists with colleagues at the University of Cambridge presented theoretical and experimental evidence of a viscous state for nanoparticles near their melting point in a ACS Nano published paper. The state exists over a temperature range scaling inversely with the catalyst size, resulting in enhanced self-diffusion and fluidity across the […]

That’s a morbid headline, but that’s what Ohio State University researchers are reporting at the AVS 57th International Symposium & Exhibition, that took place last week at the Albuquerque Convention Center in New Mexico.  The lab’s results suggest that the irreversible changes inside a dead battery start at the nanoscale.  An ongoing experiment at OSU […]

Researchers at Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) have developed a small-scale hydroelectric power plant that solves a number of problems.  The construction is so simple, and thereby cost-efficient, that the power generation system is capable of operating profitably in connection with even modest dam heights.  The system is concealed in a shaft, minimizing the impact on […]

ZenithSolar has broken records with its 3rd generation combined heat and power (CHP) solar energy generator, Z20 series, that combines heat and power systems to yield an incredible 72% solar conversion efficiency. According to Ezri Tarazi at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and Head of Tarazi Studio, the generator has reached record levels […]

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