Binod Kumar, leader of the University of Dayton Research Institute has published in the 2010 Issue 1 of the Journal of the Electrochemical Society that the group has developed the first solid-state, rechargeable lithium-air battery.  Kumar is calling this a breakthrough designed to address the fire and explosion risk of other lithium rechargeable batteries and […]

The List for Thanks

November 27, 2009 | 3 Comments

With a little thought there is quite a list of things to be thankful for even when staying on the topic of energy and fuels. There is the physics of the universe and all its marvels, the exchange between energy and matter, reactions that release energy and the amazing array of chemicals that can store […]

Attacking Oil

November 25, 2009 | 1 Comment

In laboratory experiments to be reported in the journal Chemosphere, University of Utah engineer and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Andy Hong demonstrated that “pressure-assisted ozonation and sand filtration” effectively removes oil droplets dispersed in water, indicating it could be used to prevent oil sheen from wastewater discharged into coastal waters. First, the focus […]

A lot of natural gas is lost, burned off or simply too remote to get to market.  Several efforts have made press releases, but most are non-scalable or not cost effective.  Yet, the lure of so much fuel and energy in remote natural gas is a strong enticement. A catalyst manufactured by the American chemist […]

Barry Bruce, a professor of biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology leads a team at UT Knoxville that has found the inner machinery of photosynthesis can be isolated from certain algae and, when coupled with a platinum catalyst, is able to produce a steady supply of hydrogen when exposed to light. So far researchers have […]

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