The List for Thanks

November 27, 2009 | 3 Comments

With a little thought there is quite a list of things to be thankful for even when staying on the topic of energy and fuels.

There is the physics of the universe and all its marvels, the exchange between energy and matter, reactions that release energy and the amazing array of chemicals that can store energy.

The solar system we have is kindly as solar systems go, abundant with enough or plenty of all the elements humanity needs.  Over the eons much as already become ready, setting the stage for more progress.

People have intelligence, a willingness to modify and adapt, so bringing progress ever more speedily.  Its been a long time since man first figured out how to control and use a fire, now we can burn heavy elements and release their power.  Its gone so far that man can compel elements to combine releasing even more energy.

My thankfulness for our circumstances is profound.

There is even cause to be thankful for our our nature.  The creativity, innovation, development, design, investment and skills to operate complex and massive engineering feats that power comfortable life, enable travel over great distances at speed and provide for ever more people to enjoy standards of living unimaginable only a century ago.

Humanity has energized tools that make life so easy that life expectancy isn’t about wounds, opportunistic disease – its about destructing ourselves with our choices – things that couldn’t be available without energy use and handy fuels.

Its a marvelous time to be alive.

Best of all, we’re in a sea change of how energy is sourced, stored and used.  Perhaps the most sincere thanks is that now is a great time to watch humanity.


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