Gwen Holdmann has answered her community’s call for a solution for the rise in oil prices with her own ingenuity and common sense. When the local electrical generators daily diesel costs at $1,000 and the local grid 32 miles away across the Alaska wilderness, the investment for a geothermal answer looked especially good. The problem […]

Nothing is so alarming than a government mandate to force you to do something. The latest Energy Bill out of the U.S. Congress and signed by the President does just that – cancels the availability of the familiar incandescent bulb and for the most part consigns them to the junk bin of history. Right off […]

Solar photovoltaic panels that may be in the affordable range and what is expected to be shipping soon are not great efficiency tools for getting the solar energy into electrical potential. As it improves the next step of inverting the panels direct current into the commonly used alternating current has received an upgrade in technology. […]

While the U.S. investment community is all stirred up by the photovoltaic solar thin films said to be coming to market, a design out of South Africa by Vivian Alberts working at the University of Johannesburg is “in the box” now in Europe. The solar panel competition is heating up. The CIGSSe panels are reputed […]

On Wednesday PFC Energy released their latest list of 50 top capitalized “energy companies.”  For the first time a non petroleum company made the list.  And not just barely either, Iberdrola came in at number 36 ahead of such notables as Halliburton, Hess (Formerly known as Amereda Hess), and Anadarko.  Remarkable.  Astonishing.  Very pleasing. Before […]

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