Are the world’s largest consumers of oil products feeling the oil price stress enough to adapt or has living large gotten to be such an important personal identity prize that U.S. consumers will plunge on driving the oil market to higher prices? There are suggestions offered that the fueling costs are close to being at […]

Now they’re on site in Iowa, at Sigourney Community School District and Nevada Community School District. At work since January 3rd, the news broke last week from Iowa State University which is studying the performance on behalf of Advanced Energy, a non profit based in Raleigh, N.C. The Iowa buses are two of 19 scattered […]

Lithium Ion batteries have a reputation of heating and cooling over the course of their charge and discharge cycles. With several new chemical innovations in trial for improving the activity in Lithium-ion batteries as the heating issue is addressed, one stands out not for the control of the heating and potential trouble that causes, but […]

You were thinking wind turbines right off. This is a more serious atmosphere that as I learned more over then past few weeks has been saddening and distressful. It’s the atmosphere in the science community and the press that watches and writes stories about developments. Just a few weeks ago I too was a victim […]

Yesterday morning I spent over an hour on a conference call with representatives of the American Petroleum Institute and a long list of bloggers.  There were four API people, Jane Van Ryan, the API moderator and organizer, Red Cavaney, API’s President and CEO, John Felmy, API’s Chief Economist, and Ron Planting, API’s Manager of Statistics.  […]

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