Solid oxide fuel cells have a problem; the integrity of the seals within and between the power-producing units tends to fail. The stack materials run at high temperatures in some designs as high as 1000 degrees centigrade (1,800 F). Keeping the fuel separated is critical as a fuel leak into the oxygen side can cause […]

Logic, common sense and simple intuition suggest that the smoothest surface to reduce aerodynamic air drag would be the best for wings, propellers, hulls and bodies moving through the air. It looks like that seemingly obvious preconception is at an end. The UK’s University of Warwick research, backed and funded by the Engineering and Physical […]

The world uses about half of the electrical power generated for electric motors. For most anyone in the field its known there are great differences in efficiency and power for the money. What doesn’t come to mind much is the weight and dimensions. For transport, weight and dimensions do matter a great deal. That made […]

Phoenix-based CoalSack Energy, Inc. is a fledgling company launched four months ago with the express goal of taking their groundbreaking technology to market. It’s based on the technology developed by Harold L. Bennett, a 78-year-old civil engineer from Albuquerque. It seems that CoalSack is in the pretreatment of coal business, until now a non-existing business, […]

The Ames Laboratory at Iowa State University hosted a magnetic refrigeration conference that drew an international audience in Des Moines Iowa on May 12, 2009. The focus of the four-day event was on an energy efficient form of refrigeration that replaces gas compressors and ozone-depleting refrigerants with a system that uses special alloys and a […]

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