The U.S. Department of Energy announced a partnership to test Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) technology near Reno Nevada. The idea is to use the new technology concepts of EGS in a permeable underground strata with water injection into “hot dry rock.” The test is going on at the Ormat Technology Desert Peak site, already an […]

With the post on Monday February 25th 2008 logging so much traffic both regular visitors and new folks I will list and lightly discuss some of the potentates in the fission reactor field. Links where available are included, offering a succinct guide to quick information. Reactors are considered by their “Generation” starting with the Gen […]

Some folks write lots better than my compositions. (Hat tip to Dean Crockett at Boeing for catching my miss spelling of Dr. Robert Bussard.) I was a little surprised and taken aback by the criticisms of ethanol and other biomass sources of carbon based fuels and feedstocks. I am simply not going to link or […]

All you need is a location with a high temperature and a lower temperature. Take two copper wires and a length of steel wire. Twist one end of each copper wire at each end of the steel wire. Immerse one end of the now coiled wire in a heated location and the other in a […]

Old enough to remember the horrors and extensive coverage of the U.S. Three Mile Island crises and the Chernobyl Disaster, many others and I have lodged a stop order in our thinking when atomic fission is mentioned as a way to power up the electrical grid. Add to those the incessant and furtive efforts around […]

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