It was minus 9 Fahrenheit with a minus 37 wind chill Wednesday morning. I also paid the electric bill for January today and these two things have focused my attention on just what will I do about the costs to stay warm. Yesterday we looked into how the clothes dryer could be lots less expensive […]

The biggest energy hog in the home is the clothes dryer. In the U.S. they are so appallingly poor in efficiency that the U.S. Department of Energy has no models awarded an “Energy Star.” While the refrigerator might be your biggest user, its likely quite efficient as they are essentially heat pumps or deep cooling […]

It’s really easy to beat on the oil companies. Every time one fills up a gasoline diesel or propane tank, the agony is real. The blame has to go somewhere, and blame aplenty and usually justified was more or less valid. The oil companies were, that is were in the past, actually some decades ago […]

Man has been moving to carbon enriched with hydrogen for a couple of centuries now. One could say we’re decarbonizing, because since the dawn of the fire until the discovery of coal we burned primarily wood. Wood has a carbon to hydrogen (C:H) ratio of 10 to 1 or wood has 10 carbon atoms for […]

Los Alamos National Laboratory sent out its press release last week and has a link to a pdf that describes their new concept called “Green Freedom” for catching CO2 out of the air and sending the CO2 on to existing processes that can make fuels such as gasoline and diesel. The concept it seems is […]

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