That Scum is FUEL!

March 31, 2008 | 5 Comments

Algae is looking more and more as an sure participant in the future fuel sources. Tomorrow, April 1st 2008 PetroSun will officially startup their Algae Biofuels project in Rio Hondo, Texas. PetroSun is no lightweight, it is publicly traded, already deep into the oil business, and looking for both production of fuels by recycling CO2 […]

Wednesday Royal Dutch Shell and Virent Energy Systems of Madison Wisconsin announced their collaboration to develop biogasoline. The deal is using the existing research and development work of Virent in catalysts that convert plant sugars into hydrogen and fuel gas, a combination of hydrogen, methane, propane and CO2. The research so far has been quite […]

Well, sort of. The awl bidness has had a few tough decades, three in a row to be honest and the striking back at the world is mostly about getting the facts out in the air so the abuse might get controlled and a little support displaces the disinformation campaigns of a long list of […]

Monday the news broke that a team from the University of Washington, Seattle and the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, broke through to making an original enzyme, one that hasn’t existed before in nature. Enzymes are molecules that initiate chemical reactions, and act to catalyze reactions in biological processes. These molecules exist throughout the plant […]

Because for nearly 200 years its been a nemesis for careers, a frustration and tasty bait because it can harness heat and change it into electricity. The impact now of a working, efficient and low cost device would be a huge advantage to making energy and fuels do far more work per unit. Some materials […]

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