A Generator For Sea Waves

September 28, 2017 | 3 Comments

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) researchers have developed turbines to convert the power of ocean waves into clean, renewable energy. Professor Shintake and the Quantum Wave Microscopy Unit at OIST began by starting a project titled “Sea Horse,” aiming to harness energy from the Kuroshio ocean current that flows from the eastern coast […]

Oregon State University researchers can show with a new analysis suggesting that large-scale wave energy systems developed in the Pacific Northwest should be comparatively steady, dependable and able to be integrated into the overall energy grid at lower costs than some other forms of alternative energy, including wind power. Wave and current flows are 24/7/365 […]

Researchers at the Group of R&D GITERM at the Higher Technical School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid working with the Astilleros Balenciaga company and the Fundación Centro Tecnológico Soermar have built and tested a prototype of a device to harness energy from ocean currents that is able to […]

Oxford researchers have developed a new tidal turbine that has the potential to harness tidal energy more efficiently and cheaply.  Now the technology has been licensed to new company, Kepler Energy Limited, formed to develop the tidal turbine and to build the device simply, more robust and more scaleable than current commercial designs. The turbine […]

Reading Maria Surma Manka’s Maria Energia site tipped me to an interesting source of chemical energy that is abundant and close to many major metropolitan areas. Currently called osmotic energy it’s really a use of the salinity gradient energy that becomes available when fresh water contacts with seawater. The osmosis name comes from the membrane […]

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