While I’m under the weather Jane Van Ryan has graciously provided content for today. For many years, this nation has been debating its energy future. Speeches have been made and legislation has been passed, but on balance the United States is less energy secure today than it was 35 years ago after the oil embargo. […]

The Exploding Bloom Box

February 25, 2010 | 19 Comments

With much coordinated anticipation Bloom Energy revealed their Bloom Box  (BB) fuel cell to the press yesterday. With working units sold and operating on sites in California naysaying has to be a real hard task. There are articles and blogs rich in interesting details and after an hour or so of looking through them I […]

Or technology can be in the wrong hands. Bill Gates and Nathan Myhrvold, old pals at Microsoft are going after nuclear power.  I’m not surprised.  We had a look last year followed by the PR folks of Mr. Myhrvold shopping for more postings here about TerraPower. Publicity can be hard to get when you have […]

With a setup blitz of media coverage from Fortune and Business Week in the business section to CBS on the political left and much of the green crowd in between, Bloom Energy and their “fuel cell” or very close approximation of one is having a media event Wednesday February 24th, 2010.  That’s when some answers […]

Late last week saw Suzanne Goldenberg return from her visit with the new special assistant for energy at DARPA, Barbara McQuiston with news DARPA has solved the algae oil production problem.  If you saw the original piece at The Guardian, my contact at Darpa is saying it’s accurate other than the timeline.  DARPA expects to […]

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