William Clay “Bill” Ford Jr., the executive chairman of Ford Motor Company and great grandson of Henry Ford has an eye on the forthcoming gridlock problem, already an existing problem for some – with the answer cars must talk to each other and to the road. “If we do nothing, we face the prospect of ‘global […]

The Best Battery So Far

February 28, 2012 | 2 Comments

Start-up called Envia Systems says it’s built a lithium-ion battery prototype at 400 Wh/kg.  That, if the prototype can scale would be both a new world record, but a deep change in electric vehicle economics. The world record looks secure for now, the battery prototype has third party tests confirming the energy density at the […]

With EEStor out of sight and supposedly over, new research with very striking potential is coming.  North Carolina State University researchers led by physicist Dr. Vivek Ranjan have discovered the means by which a polymer known as PVDF enables capacitors to store and release large amounts of energy quickly.  Understanding leads to exploitation. Ranjan previously […]

Al Fin led Thursday with a post on CoolPlanet Energy along with GreenCarCongress all seeming to be based from a press release handled at BusinessWire. The points for this post are a look at the investors and the biofuel technology.  Big Oil is very interested with some serious money now loaded into CoolPlanet.  At the […]

3M and Chesapeake Energy Corporation have announced they’ve agreed to collaborate in designing, manufacturing and marketing a broad portfolio of compressed natural gas (CNG) tanks for use in all sectors of the U.S. transport market. CNG has often been suggested to be a good replacement for gasoline.  It is; its simpler to get to proper […]

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