The BP blowout reaction a couple years ago put a lid on oil and gas development in the Gulf of Mexico that has yet to be fully lifted.  With oil over $100 today and the projections on prices looking scary for the economy and average Americans, a little good news is very welcome. A midsize […]

This is way too cool to overlook.  Atsushi Takano at Nikkei Monozukuri magazine reported in Tech-On that IHI Corp of Japan has developed a compact gas turbine generator unit.  The gas turbine and generator set is so small it fits in a suitcase. All by itself, running on propane the unit autonomously generates electricity.  IHI […]

Sandia researchers have developed a new family of liquid salt electrolytes (metal-based ionic liquids or MetILs) that could lead to new flow batteries able to cost-effectively store three times more energy than today’s batteries. To start, a flow battery or accurately a Redox Flow Battery (RFB) is a type of rechargeable electrochemical system that relies […]

Pumping Back Some Power

February 17, 2012 | 3 Comments

Worldwide industry and governments pump water and gravity takes the energy back as water flows.  It’s a huge field for energy recuperation. Hydrovolts, a hydrokinetic turbine company has made news for its innovative hydrokinetic turbine using software from Autodesk, Inc. for recuperating energy.  Hydrovolts big advantage is the price point and installation.  The smaller models […]

Paul Bellan, professor of applied physics in the Division of Engineering and Applied Science at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and graduate student Auna Moser have discovered a surprising phenomenon about basic plasma behavior. Plasma is a gas so hot that atoms are stripped of their electrons.  The plasma jets act like electrical wires […]

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