University of Fribourg, along with researchers from the University of Michigan and University of California San Diego, have developed an electric eel-inspired device that produced 110 volts from gels filled with water, called hydrogels. The team led by Michael Mayer is in an effort to create a power source for future implantable technologies. The results […]

University of Warwick, WMG, researchers have developed a new direct, precise internal temperature test of lithium-ion batteries. They investigated internal temperatures and the electrodes potentials and found that the batteries can be safely charged up to five times faster than the current recommended charging limits. The new technology works in-situ during a battery’s normal operation […]

University of Tsukuba in Japan researchers have developed a way to recover environmental heat with a new type of thin-film thermoelectric cell, based on two different materials that show changes in their redox potential on cycling of temperature. The device is driven by differences in temperature and capable of recovering background heat energy at slightly […]

Northwestern University researchers have combined a high-activity cathode with a new composition of matter making a fuel cell that operates at 500ยบ C. This temperature is a commercialization sweet spot. The team of researchers led by Northwestern University professor and fuel cell pioneer Sossina Haile has created a new fuel cell offering both exceptional power […]

University of Maryland (UMD) engineers have found a way to make manufactured wood more than 10 times stronger and tougher than before, creating a natural substance that is stronger than many titanium alloys. This kind of research shows how material science can save metals, the energy used to produce them and add to the carbon […]

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