Fusion Futures

August 27, 2007 | 13 Comments

After a few days of relief that Dr. Bussard’s research has resumed a sense of reality sinks in followed on by thoughts on just what might happen. There are some thrills to be had when speculating on what this research could do. The reality dose is that the IEF device isn’t running steadily or reached […]

Hydrogen Fuel Pellets

August 23, 2007 | 1 Comment

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Monday issued a news release about research that offers the possibility of hydrogen fuel pellets. The news release is quoting Dave Heldebrant and Don Camaioni. See: http://www.pnl.gov/news/release.asp?id=264 The goal of the research is stated as coming up with methods to safely store, dispense and reload the storage carrier. Their product […]

I read lots of articles on sites and blogs for news and views that will amuse, abuse or simply entertain my readers. With that premise there is a basis for making consumer choices and in considering what investments one might choose. There is one stunning theme that is overlooked enmass. That is the price, of […]

Here at last is the often quoted but not yet published paper by Don Gay. Here Don explains what goes on inside the Bussard Fusion Reactor. As is often the case the best explanations are the hardest to find, so Don has kindly allowed it to be published here. The explanation Don offers is really […]

Tom has been kind enough to offer his paper “Inertial Electrodynamic Fusion and the Internal Combustion Engine” for publishing. Its, well, just fun. Tom is a professional and accomplished writer and to have him offer this here is a huge compliment. My thanks to Tom. Really. Seriously. Enjoy! On the other hand, after you enjoy […]

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