Brian Bloom has written a very good piece about the nuclear fission construction prospects in the US.  See: Brian starts off looking at two issues; the first is the inconsistency of US atomic fission power generation and how it seems contradictory to oppose development in Iran and the atomic fission industry’s attempt to catch […]

Brian Bloom has responded to our review last week about his 6th installment of the series “Migrating to New Energy Paradigms.” He’s real sharp. The full response is at: The paper is presented on two levels. The first is a direct answer to the question about keeping the technologies he hints at as “under […]

“Gail The Actuary” asked “Shunyata,” both contributors at, about the US global debt and the US balance of payments. Now let me say these two are pretty sophisticated people who know their stuff. Gail’s questions were pretty general yet quite on point for a major part of the price of oil. Shunyata in his […]

Bruce Dale at Michigan State University has pried open the door to an important and overlooked aspect about energy and its relationship to us. You may recall that on this site the target is and will remain to maintain or improve people’s standard of living and spread that improvement around. I tuned in to Mr. […]

Jerry Woodall and his team at Purdue are back with developments of the aluminum gallium reaction for generating hydrogen in consumer volumes. See: The first news broke in May of 2007 and looked good at first. The concept was soon clobbered by some: as the price of gallium used was prohibitive and the […]

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