First up is milestone news from Hawaii. The Kaheawa Wind Power project has 6 windmills operating that generate an average of 9% of the Hawaiian Island Maui’s power. With 14 more to go, the total average power should get to 17%. Reported by National Wind Watch on November 28th, the article covers the power, environmental […]

One of the great pushers for alternate fuel and energy sources is the drive known as global warming or climate change. Although I appreciate the added impetus to my favorite field, I certainly do not wish progress to come from a falsehood and the many strident calls for action that will simply distort our lives, […]

It had to happen, joy, congratulations and celebrations.  The Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organization, Australia’s national science agency and Cleantech Ventures, a nearly worldwide consortium of venture capital and other businesses, announced the formation and startup of Smart Storage Pty, Ltd. to develop and commercialize a marriage of lead acid battery technology and supercapacitors.  […]

Today the American Meteorological Society has circulated its paper ”The Power of Multiples: Connecting Wind Farms Can Make A More Reliable and Cheaper Power Source.”  The authors, Cristina L. Archer and Mark Jacobson at Stanford University have a concisely prepared the report for the AMS to make available for us. Whether you are an investor, […]

Hyperion Power Generation of Los Alamos New Mexico has announced an agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Los Alamos Laboratory for commercial production of a uranium-fueled reactor. Assembled, fueled and encased in concrete the reactor is reported to be light enough to transport by truck. Output is quoted to be 27 megawatts that is […]

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