In the U.S. there is a large body of research and development underway in the U.S. and around the world to enhance oil and gas production. The number of projects and the success rates are a little unnerving for knowledgeable speculators. To offset “declining” recovery and oil field “depletion” it’s alleged that “new” discoveries must […]

The list is getting much more traffic with each passing week. New folks can look over to the Categories in The Weekend Link Lists for the back reports. First up is a site that reports on the anhydrous ammonia for fuel group’s meeting. Now before you go all “Huh? How can that be?” here are […]

Thoughts and prayers are in store for the family get-togethers Thanksgiving Day and with energy and fuels such as gasoline and home heating oil prices damaging the standard of living of so very many, here are some things to be thankful for and give hope for the future. Right now the wind industry is in […]

Once in a while you can see really good work in the mass media. Probably the world leader is and remains the Wall Street Journal. Today on the front page is the most succinct and informative piece I’ve seen done to date on the oil supply situation. Sorry folks, Dow Jones, in their lust for […]

Today Joseph B. White at the Wall Street Journal posted his Eyes On The Road column with the subtitle “Sen. Clinton’s Push to Double Autos’ Average Fuel Economy Is Possible But Complicated.” Mr. White is one of my more admired writers in the mainstream press.  The Wall Street Journal is far from being a mass […]

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