Robert Rapier, bless ‘em, attracted Frank Weigert a retired DuPont chemist to express his views on the pathway to renewable fuels. Odd, Mr. Rapier is quite the one to skewer the biofuel field generally, relying on his considerable practical knowledge without investigating the paths research can use in getting to new developments.  Mr. Weigert had […]

Not since the Ford Model T has a U.S. engine manufacturer produced a market oriented ethanol fuel engine.  Or more accurately, one optimized for ethanol.  The engineering firm Ricardo and supporter Growth Energy who promotes ethanol have built and lab tested an ethanol engine that uses ethanol for maximum output.  That means compression, lots of […]

A jet engine for a hybrid vehicle generator set seems at first a little extreme.  But is it?  The scale for jet turbines for outside observers is the huge engine hanging from the wings of airliners.  That’s a little deceptive, as those jet’s turbine engines are much smaller than what’s visible.  The power turbine inside […]

An experimental fusion reactor at the Plasma Science and Fusion Center on the MIT campus called the Levitated Dipole Experiment, or LDX uses a half-ton donut-shaped magnet about the size and shape of a large truck tire, made of superconducting wire coiled inside a stainless steel vessel. Used in a new experiment that reproduces the […]

Trezium is not a new element; it’s a registered trademark for a system to drive higher efficiency electric motor energy output.  It could be an important motor market choice through the management, implementation and use of the electron flow.  The mover for the technology is Thor Power. The idea is to increase motor efficiency at […]

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