The Weekend Link List

September 28, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Here are some links that will entertain, amuse, stimulate and perhaps astonish you over the weekend. Jeremy Faldi offers some insight on how we might view our own thinking as we examine the possibilities of oncoming technology. Think of it a perhaps a guide to think skeptically rather than cynically. See: Graham Toquer writes […]

For nearly two hundred years mankind has relied on Maxwell’s principles of electromagnetism for transforming fuel sources into transmittable electricity. The basic idea is that electrons move along pushed or pulled by a magnet in a conductor until the conductor passes them by another magnet that responds to the moving electrons. Then the electrons flow […]

Fuel vs. Food

September 26, 2007 | 6 Comments

Perhaps the glow of alternative fuels might need a little tarnishing. Actually the last person on earth that might be doing that would be me – I pride myself in being a strong proponent for alternative fuels and energy resources. All over the world the effects of the run up in petroleum prices has pushed […]

For a couple of years we’ve been slaves to the ethanol run up into the fuel market. Federal programs geared to support it, protect it and promote it have hidden a far better choice. Butanol is also an alcohol as is ethanol, but it’s a different molecule with very different properties. The quick explanation is […]

Gail the Actuary is a good writer and her skill shows in the second installment of “Economic Impact of Peak Oil.” This article pulls together the oil price issue and the debt issue that are the two most worrisome concerns in the contemporary economy and she starts exploring the relationship between the two. For years […]

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