The Weekend Link List

September 21, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Here are some links that will entertain, amuse, stimulate and perhaps astonish you over the weekend. Perhaps like me you have some experience cutting materials and have had the chatter issue intrude on your work. Its not a fuel related link, but has to do with energy input. I’ve had chatter from twisting on rusted […]

Magnesium For Fuel

September 20, 2007 | 2 Comments

The idea of using magnesium for fuel is a new concept for me.  MIT’s Technology Review has posted a story about researchers at Tokyo’s Institute of Technology that describes the effort they’re making to use lasers “to make a powerful laser capable of combusting the magnesium content of seawater. In the process, large amounts of […]

The Oil Drum has posted the first of three articles by “Gail the Actuary” today September 19, 2007.  Having read it and the comments I have to say Gail left the premier issue out of the title.  Its more basic and on the point of understanding the role of oil in our economy.  It’s a […]

Last night Tucker Eskew at Terra Rossa posted with a video from youtube that explains the “cap and trade” system to contain and reduce unwanted stuff in an economy. I go to some lengths to avoid political bias in what I post and Terra Rossa is clearly a “conservative” sort of site. Although not heavily […]

It’s really easy to overlook the subtle but strongest trends in energy production when relying on news, articles, blogs and so forth. But some trends have more legs in genuine science that’s already researched and have known paths and clearly observed obstacles along the way. Thorium nuclear reactors are one of the leading proven science […]

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