Sandia National Laboratories’ biochemist Masood Hadi says the beauty of the endophytic fungi is there is no need for the cost-intensive industrial processes that are typically required to break down biomass. “These things can turn crystalline cellulosic material directly into fuel-type hydrocarbons without any mechanical breakdown.”  If this can be made to work and grown […]

Researchers of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), along with collaborators at Dalhousie University and the Natural History Museum (NHM), London have discovered an entirely new group of algae living in a wide variety of marine and freshwater environments by following up on an unexpected DNA sequence listed in a research paper from the […]

Cool Energy is saying their SolarFlow® System in an average size US home can provide up to 80% of heat, 100% of hot water and 60% of the electricity needed. Using a logical controller the system uses weather, ambient temperature, building temperature, and sunlight data to determine the device’s most effective usefulness for a given […]

Northwestern University researchers have placed nanocrystals of rock salt into lead telluride, creating a thermoelectric material that can harness electricity from heat sources. The material exhibits a high thermoelectric figure of merit that is expected to enable 14 percent of heat waste converted to electricity, a new scientific record.  Chemists, physicists and material scientists at […]

Prof. Giuseppe Levi and Dr. David Bianchini, of Bologna University have issued their preliminary reports about the Rossi/Focardi January 14th and 16th cold fusion experiment in a pdf running 12 pages. The report describes the heat production during the preliminary tests on the Rossi “Ni-H” reactor. While ‘cold fusion’ works for a headline as an […]

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