Here is the link, an introduction to and a summary about Jim Chiodo who I mentioned some days ago. Jim Chiodo is the author of “More MPG, an Unconventional Approach” that has been on the net for years. Jim uses his nearly 50 years of driving experience to share the best tips, advice and techniques […]

“If you don’t want to win, no one will stop you.” Go to any Hooter’s restaurant, there’s a guy in there who thinks the waitress is attracted to him. Did ya see that? Did you see how she was looking at me? I’m gonna get her phone number, just watch! Sure, uh huh. Reality is […]

Spark plugs are the single most important part of your tune up. The leading questions over the past few days ask about tune-ups. Whether it’s for an older or newer car the task is the same, getting the gasoline fuel’s energy into moving the car efficiently. Most of us know that the tune up is […]


July 17, 2007 | 5 Comments

Hypermilers? That new word is meaningful, as it seems to be mainly a hybrid car owner’s effort to wring every cents worth of distance from their money. It’s moving into conventional cars, too. It looks like Wayne Gerdes at has the credit for the new word. His article -how-to-hypermile-1510.html looks to be the […]

Getting straight on what words mean is very important to being able to make the distinctions for good decisions. So the question “Is It Energy or Fuel” is a fundamental concept for our futures. The media, particularly the popular media, politicians, as most all of the rest of us interchange energy and fuel without giving […]