Global Warming, is it a scam, scandal, swindle or muckraking? Ah, is there a trail for a story in that list? When the “global warming” thing first entered into my awareness I was being bombarded by politicians and their followers clamoring for attention about what they were selling as a “catastrophe in progress.” You know, […]

Will there be more environmental damage from more ethanol production? For the US biomass effort, corn is the new and major player. The view for soil conservation is – maybe – as more land that would be in the government’s soil conservation program will come out for corn production. But not much when looks at […]

Here is the link, an introduction to and a summary about Jim Chiodo who I mentioned some days ago. Jim Chiodo is the author of “More MPG, an Unconventional Approach” that has been on the net for years. Jim uses his nearly 50 years of driving experience to share the best tips, advice and techniques […]

The news and opinion pieces are packed with the ongoing carbon dioxide disaster. Desperate measures are suggested with astonishing estimates for as much as $4500 per year in costs to each American family by 2015, just eight years out. Estimates of costs for drilling into the earth to bury CO2 run to $7.2 trillion and […]

“If you don’t want to win, no one will stop you.” Go to any Hooter’s restaurant, there’s a guy in there who thinks the waitress is attracted to him. Did ya see that? Did you see how she was looking at me? I’m gonna get her phone number, just watch! Sure, uh huh. Reality is […]

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