Here is the link, an introduction to and a summary about Jim Chiodo who I mentioned some days ago. Jim Chiodo is the author of “More MPG, an Unconventional Approach” that has been on the net for years. Jim uses his nearly 50 years of driving experience to share the best tips, advice and techniques to get as far on a dollar as you can get. Jim lives in Michigan in a four-season climate. He happily shares his experience and insight in hopes of improving the lives of his readers. The article is time tested, used by experts to make their case, and has been copied and pasted into countless emails among friends and family. It’s a good read, enjoyable, thorough, and easy to remember as you are driving.


Jim’s article, now a blog post dives right in to explore a bit about what affects the price of gas. Then he discusses the prospect of getting a 10% improvement in your miles per gallon. There’s an easy to follow list of things you can use to be sure your vehicle can get the mileage it was meant to. A checklist if you will.

Then he gets to the good stuff. A lot of this has been adopted by people like the hypermiler crowd, and is quoted by experts now. Jim goes on to give more than the advice, he explains it, and teaches how to do it, what might happen, and to make it pay off for you.

Then he teaches how to be better than a computer! Well, better than the computer that runs your cruise control. The average driver will most likely be better off using the cruise, but with Jim’s lesson you can be much better than cruise especially when there are hills to climb.

The highlight for those of us not buying a hybrid car is Jim’s “Touch” technique to get in tune with your car.

Jim is offering a 10% improvement. But, I got that on my first tank full. Matching up the “better than the EPA” description that the hypermilers use, I get to say “I’m up 10% using Jim Chiodo’s skills or 1.4 over EPA. What do you get to say?


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