Dr. Steve Larter holds the University of Calgary’s Canada Research Chair in Petroleum Geology and has more than 30 years’ research experience in petroleum geology and geochemistry in both academia and industry.  Dr. Larter was named as one of the Top 10 Geologists in the U.K.in 2003, and has received numerous awards for his scientific […]

An advantage to writing for site like this is the willingness and directive to look into things that are at the edge of technology and watch the progress.  The reporting can be just a joy, but for years now the joy has been smeared by the motives of a few in an important field. Steven […]

When it comes to batteries one gets a little jaded by all the press releases and stories.  A check back to two years ago about the breakthroughs at that time shows little has come to the market.  Yet the research field is packed with innovation trying to build up more capacity and recharge cycles. The […]

A/C is the product that raised U.S national human productivity more than any other in the second half of the 20th century. More people could work in more places than ever across more of the climate extremes in a far more comfortable environment.  But refrigeration A/C is a power hungry method to dry and cool […]

Rostoker & Monkhorst, the near famous physicists who are chasing an idea for fusion using an interesting if bewildering containment vessel have been granted a patent that has more information that may – or may not – present clues as to the progress of the group’s research and development. A little background from what is […]

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