The state of Maine is cracking the market open for self-storing of renewable energy with a collaboration between a wind company and a thermal energy storage company.  According to a Maine Public Broadcasting Network report the collaborative Highland Wind project proposed by local wind developer Independence Wind will offer any participating Maine household a $6,000 […]

Xylose comes from woody plant structures, its a five-carbon atom sugar and is a primary target in lignin and cellulose biomass fermentation.  But most yeast cannot ferment xylose sugar.  Now a collaboration led by researchers at the University of Illinois, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the University of California and the oil company BP are […]

One sure thing for future employment is in nuclear.  Now with three decades past the partial meltdown of a reactor at Three Mile Island and further expansion of nuclear power at a standstill, years of stagnant hiring comes to, as the American Physical Society, an independent group of physicists put it, “a greatly reduced interest […]

Let’s start with a lie, albeit most likely the lowest level of lie, everyone is lying about ethanol.  It has gotten so that the lies are pervasive, even such that John Stossel at Fox News is making quotes and suggesting that ethanol is a huge political boondoggle. Admired bloggers like Robert Rapier have allowed emotional […]

The EEstor News

December 27, 2010 | 20 Comments

* This Space Left Blank Intentionally * The comments and emails over the past year deserve some response and the notation above, familiar to those who’ve seen prepared legal documents will see the humor, explains the situation.  Looking for EEstor news and information in 2010 is a very thin activity. But does it mean anything? […]

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