Brian Wang at the site Nextbigfuture spotted a new pdf file on the BlackLight Power site that has a wealth of information with a significant notation about the company’s progress on validation called “Updated Technical Presentation –  4/21/10.” The notation from the third page in the pdf is, “Validations and Technical Due Diligence – underway […]

The latest news in energy storage has Drexel University with a new piece out that notes in a paper published in Science by John Chmiola doubling supercapacitors storage and then MIT Technology Review marking it up to triple. It’s a little amusing, yet Chmiola is on to something. Chmiola idea is to use an electrode […]

Researchers at the University of Houston  and the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have created a new form of platinum that could be used to make cheaper, more efficient fuel cells. By tweaking platinum’s reactivity, the researchers were able to curtail the amount of platinum required by 80 percent, and hope to soon […]

When it comes to getting organized the Germans may just be the world’s pacesetters if not leaders.  No less than 33 Fraunhofer Institutes are working together on the diversity of issues that surround “electromobility.” The goal is to help German companies speed up their pace of innovation.  When it comes to the electric vehicles (EVs) […]

The past week saw a flurry of reports and commentary about the Texas petroleum formation called Eagle Ford.  Eagle Ford is a huge new oil and gas discovery, well, maybe not ‘new’ as much as economically profitable with the technology of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.  With no particular surprise the technology has migrated from […]

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