Almost all biodiesel production is in serious financial straights as the U.S. government’s $1 a gallon tax credit for the blenders has expired.  When a gallon of biodiesel is blended at 2% spread over 50 gallons of selling product the higher price of biodiesel isn’t much of an issue.  But for the biodiesel producer that […]

The obvious answer, simply put is – get informed.  But that borders on silliness, as nuclear power is sophisticated science that needs a lot of successfully passed education to become involved.  But those smart geek types who do pass have a few among them that can get the messages most important to everyone else out […]

Small geothermal in the US grew in the past year with 144 projects under way in 15 US states.  When completed, the projects will add more than 7,000MW of baseload power capacity, roughly equivalent to the total power used in California from coal-fired power plants.  That’s an average of 37.25MW each.  It really adds up. […]

An MIT team has found a novel way using a modified virus as a kind of biological scaffold that can assemble the nanoscale components needed to split a water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen atoms.  The virus constructions use the power of sunlight for splitting the water and make the chemical fuels to power their […]

When you couple ultracapacitors with lithium batteries performance of an electric vehicle is dramatically boosted. Ultracapacitors give electric vehicles the instant response needed to get going, recover braking energy, work across a wide temperature range, and charge very quickly for thousands or millions of cycles.  There is more out there than Eestor, and some are […]

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